Nicole & Jack

August 1, 2020Dallas, TX

The Wedding

Saturday, August 1, 2020
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Attire: Black Tie Optional
Perkins Chapel
6001 Bishop Boulevard, Dallas, TX, 75205, United States
sixty five hundred
6500 Cedar Springs, Suite 200, Dallas, TX, 75235
COVID-19 Update
Dear family and friends,

We have decided to change our reception venue to Sixty Five Hundred Dallas. This space is much bigger, allowing us to be in fellowship with the people that we want to be there for the big day!

We are so thankful for this and will keep you updated as our state continues to open up in the next phases. Thank you all for your patience and feel free to contact us at

You can view our Ceremony Live Stream Here.


Nicole & Jack
Wedding Party

Sarah Crawford - Maid of Honor
Nicole’s baby sister!
Abby Drake - Maid of Honor

Nicole's roommate and best friend!

Samantha Choi - Bridesmaid
Nicole’s friend from high school!
Hagan Griffith - Bridesmaid

Nicole’s friend since childhood!

Claire Mckibben - Bridesmaid
Jack’s younger sister!
Anna Nunn - Bridesmaid
Jack’s older sister!
Bailey Ordaz - Bridesmaid
Jack’s stepsister!
Ashlyn Ricks - Bridesmaid
Nicole’s little in tri delta!
Joy Youngblood - Bridesmaid
Nicole’s friend from college!
Lily Burns - Bridesmaid
Nicole’s friend from college!
Gabby Stribling - Bridesmaid
Nicole’s friend from college!
Caroline Sweat - Bridesmaid
Nicole’s friend from college!
Alexis Petry - House party
Nicole’s cousin!
Molly Gilmore - House party
Nicole’s cousin!
Georgia Adams - House party
Jack’s cousin!
Paul Reid - Best Man
Ryan Finke - Groomsman
Alec Happel - Groomsman
Grant Roach - Groomsman
Adam LeBlanc - Groomsman
Andrew Nunn - Groomsman
Cole Kachtik - Groomsman
Luke McKibben - Groomsman
Karsten Wilkinson - Groomsman
Ben Mohorc - Groomsman
Steven Henkel - Groomsman